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Drought Will Bring Smiles

A sentimental and good-natured debut from directors Hannah Black and Megan Petersen, Drought will create plenty of smiles. 

If a film is on a low budget, it’s not going to have elaborate set pieces or scenes that take place in high-scale homes or restaurants. The characters often dictate whether these kind of films will be engaging or not, putting a great amount of pressure on the actors.

With Drought, all of the actors are on their game. Sam (Hannah Black) and Lillian (Megan Petersen) play sisters in the middle of a conflict. Sam resents Lillian for leaving behind her and Carl, their autistic and weather enthusiast brother, played delicately by Owen Scheid. After Carl loses his job at the local grocery store, Sam comes up with the idea of tracking down the storm that is set to end a historic drought in North Carolina. They all leave in their mother’s ice cream truck with their friend Lewis, a likable and grounded comedic relief, played by Drew Scheid (Halloween). 

The actors are well casted and no one actor steals the show. Their chemistry is apparent, particularly between Black and Petersen. You also get the sense the four main actors are having fun together, which is infectious for the audience. Drought is a true ensemble piece. 

Packed with plenty of charm and light comedic moments, Drought should be on your radar.