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Porno (2020)

I got so much joy out of watching this movie. It reminded me of the 80s horror films I discovered in my teen years. If you’re a fan of those kind of movies you’ll probably have great fun with Porno. A simplistic way to look at Porno is that it’s The Evil Dead if it took place in a movie theater with Christian teens.

Porno is funny and has a nice dash of spookiness. One of its greatest strengths is the performances. The actors do a great job in their charming roles. They are far better than the actors you particularly see in these kind of films. The performers bring out more from their characters than you’d traditionally see, avoiding tired archetypes.

The screenplay from Matt Black and Laurence Vannicelli is particularly strong as well. This film is more than a violent and sexy horror film. They’re also interested in commenting on the hypocrisy within religious communities and the effect God-fearing ideals have on teenagers who aspire to be good. Director Keola Racela, the writers, and actors are very respectful of the characters and Christian communities. They could have gone for cheap shots, but they never go for them. 

I think Porno’s only heavy flaw is its third act. Porno goes a little off the rails near the end. The plot becomes overly silly and the resolution comes too easily. Porno would have been a much stronger film if it wrapped up more nicely.